‘Govt should adopt same stand in church dispute’

 Kochi: As two women made history by entering Sabarimala shrine with police protection following the apex court o

rder, Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church has demanded that the government should adopt the same stand in handling the dispute between the church and Jacobite Syrian Church in the state.

 “The order regarding Sabarimala is about rituals and we don’t want to comment about the entry of women to the shrine with police protection. But, if the government could implement the court order in Sabarimala without any bloodshed, they can do the same in our churches,” said Father John Abraham Konat, official spokesperson of Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.

Meanwhile, Jacobite Syrian church officials said there is favourable atmosphere for believers in the state and the two women might have entered the shrine as per their own will.

 “They might have sought police protection, but there are no witnesses to it. We don’t believe police deliberately allowed women to enter the shrine. State government is doing whatever is possible to protect the faith of people. It is the responsibility of the government to protect the faith of people,” said Father Kuriakose Mar Theophilos, spokesperson of Jacobite church.
However, Kerala Catholic Bishop’s Council (KCBC) authorities said a legal solution is needed to address the current political unrest in the state, following the entry of women in the hill shrine. “It has become a highly politicised issue. A legal solution would have been better for the state,” said Fr Varghese Vallikkat, spokesperson of KCBC.