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Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios Samvadhikkunnu
(Interviews & Articles)

Compiled and Published by Joice Thottackad & Johnson Jacob on
behalf of Gregory of India Study Centre for the glory of God and for the
benefit of humankind.

First Edition: November 24, 2011
Distributors: Sophia Books, Kottayam Mob: 99471 20697
Typesetting & Printing :Sophia Print House, Kottayam
Rs. 65/


rahasyaprarthana cover.pmd

Translated by
HH Baselius Geevarghese II Catholicos
Published by: Sophia Books, Kottayam, Mob: 99471 20697
First Published: 1900
Second Edition: 1998 (Sophia Books)
Third Edition: Oct. 2013
No. of Copies: 1000
Cover Design, Typesetting
& Printing: Sophia Print House, Kottayam
Price: Rs. 40.00


Holy Qurbana: A Study by Mathews Mar Barnabas Metropolitan

for releasing.pmd

Nazrani Margam: Book by Dr. M. Kurian Thomas. Published by Sophia Books, Kottayam. Introduction & Foreword, 1300 Pages, Rs. 600/-

catholicateDr. M. Kurian Thomas 1

Catholica Ennu Cholly Vazhthy Njayam by Dr. M. Kurian Thomas.


Copies available at MOC Book Stalls & MGOCSM Bookshop, Kottayam.

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