MGM College, Dimapur conducts Workshop-cum-Seminar on ‘Addiction on Social Media, Internet & Online Games’


Dimapur (Nagaland): A workshop-cum-seminar on ‘Addiction on Social Media, Internet & Online Games’ was conducted at MGM College, Dimapur, an institution of higher learning established and managed by St. Thomas Mission of Calcutta Diocese. The seminar was organized in association with by Way2Kingdom Media Ministry (W2K). Dilip Kujur, Director of W2K elaborated the addiction to Facebook, Instagram and Online Game’s and how this addictions are destroying their academics greats, self-values & relationships.

 What is addiction ? What does dictionary say it mean ‘the state of being addicted to habit, as to the taking of drugs, etc. There are different types of addiction range from everyday use’s drugs like alcohol, smokes, tobacco and cocaine to behaviors like gambling and stealing. And Behavioral addictions are those not involving a substance. This type of addiction can be an impulse control disorder here is the list of three stages of Students are addicted because they want to skip study, to kill time and there are many youths in a competition to get more likes and comments. He also encouraged the MGM College students be a transparent as you are also be in the social sides, don’t let their status and updates be a stumbling stone in their near future use it for a good cause. Kujur also asked the students to show the  same fondness and focus, as they have for new Mobile, Facebook & Online Games, for their studies and  future career.

 Daily overuse of these social networking sites tends to have a negative effect on the health of all students as it makes them more susceptible to various health problems in the future. This is where peers, teachers and parents need to play a major role by making the students aware of what they are missing out while spending too much time on these social media sites. W2K thanked the College administration and teachers for their support.