New Elected Managing Committee Members from Brahmawar Diocese

Brahmawar Diocese 





Fr. Geevarghese Mathew
Cyril P D’Souza (Elected Unopposed for Konki

ni Community)
Shaji V. G.(Abudabi)
John Abraham (lchilampadi)


The Diocese of Brahmavar has nominated Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Matthew, Cyril Dsouza (Brahmavar),  V.G. Shaji (Abu Dhabi) and John Abraham (Ichilampady – Mangalore) to the Sabha Managing Committee.

The election was held on 10th Feb., 2017 at St. Gregorios OSC, Mangalore under the guidance of Diocesan Metropolitan Yakob Mar Elias.

On this occasion the Diocesan Diary sponsored by St. George Orthodox Cathedral Abu Dhabi was released.