Mar Yulios Christmas message: Cast aside divisions among us, remain calm and respect each religion


MUSCAT: ‘May Christ take birth in each one of our hearts’, is the succinct Christmas message by Ahmedbad Diocese Metropolitan HG Dr Pulikkottil Geevarghese Yulios delivered to the faithful.
The Metropolitan is the chief celebrant for the Christmas services and Holy Eucharist at the Mar Gregorios Orthodox Maha Edavaka Muscat for the Feast of the Nativity of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Religion and terrorism cannot go together, the visiting Metropolitan said, referring to the rise in terrorism and violence in the Middle East and the world. “There is no religion for terrorists and it is religion has no place in such an activity, and there can be no justification in this regard.” 
Christmas or Christmas Day meaning “Christ’s Mass” emphasizes the sacrifice by Christ for manhood. It is not only the birth in a manger which is the significance of the birth but mainly the acceptance to live for others till the end,” is the message.
As a word of caution, Mar Yulios, pointed that though the world is developing on the faster lane on one side but on the other we pick on negative aspects. We need to set aside such silly things and prefer to take on good principles and manners. There should be coordination and we need to set aside divisions among overselves,” the Metropolitan asserted.
Referring to few nations calling for ban on celebrating Christmas, Mar Yulios pointed out that the birth of Christ, Mahatma, Buddha or Krishna cannot and will not be limited to a single religion alone. “This has to be taken in a global perspective of respecting each religion. The founding fathers of each religion have shown light to the world and we duly respect them,” His Grace pointed. 
Further, Mar Yulios emphasised that in a world beset with problems and issues, it will be wiser to remain calm and chose the good things in life as one always wishes to.
Metropolitan Mar Yulios along with Fr Jacob Mathew, Diocesan Secretary and Vicar/President, Fr Kuriakose Varghese, Associate Vicar extended the greetings during holy season of nativity of savior Jesus Christ to bring eternal peace and prosperity in our life.
“May Christ take birth in each of our hearts and guide us to walk on the true path, rejoicing with good hope and faith in Lord Jesus Christ.