The Special Leave Petition 32238/13- Kolencherry



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The Special Leave Petition 32238/13-Kolencherry


The Special Leave Petition 32238/13 filed by the Jacobite Church challenging Judgment by Division Bench of Kerala High Court against the rights of the majority of Parishioners came up today before the Bench presided over by the Chief Justice of India. The Bench that was hearing these cases was the one presided over by Justice Eqbal. The said Judge was on Leave today and the case came up before Bench of the Chief Justice,
When the SLP came up for consideration today,the Chief Justice directed orally that it come up before Justice Eqbal,
It is reported that the Ernakulam District authorities were on the alert in Kolencherry area today .
Philip.Advocate, Ernakulam
Source: SOCM Email Group, [SOCM-FORUM] Digest Number 4631

Wed Jan 14, 2015 1:03 pm (PST)