Tenure of Priests Representatives for Malankara Association / Fr. Varghese Yohannan Vattaparampil

Tenure of Priests Representatives for Malankara Association
It is a known fact that the Tenure of Priests in a Parish of the Diocese is 3 years,which is going on in almost all the Dioceses of the MOSC.The tenure of Representatives from a parish of Diocese is 5 years,as per clause 71  of the constitution of MOSC,which includes the Priest in charge (Vicar or Assistant Vicar,whoever maybe).But during the five year period the Vicar or Assistant Vicar is transferred to other Parish within the Diocese or may changeover to other Diocese or even may get retired after attaining the age of 65 (the norms fixed by Salary Revision Committee,as approved by the Holy Episcopal Synod).To my opinion the Clause 71b should be amended keeping in mind the above causes and instead the Diocesan Metropolitan should be authorized to send the updated list of Priests,serving the respective Diocese from time to time (as it is being done now after transfer of Priests in the Diocese),once the date of Malankara Association is being fixed by the Synod and Malankara Association Managing Committee.Also the Priests who are about to retire within the Tenure of Managing Committee may not be elected as Malankara Managing Committee member, instead the Malankara Metropolitan can nominate them,if needed.
Also for electing representatives for Malankara Association,Diocesan Assembly,Parish Managing Committee some criteria is the need of the hour today (When Didimos Bava took over the charge as Catholicos-Malankara Metropolitan in late 2005,H H has sent a Kalpana to all parishes of MOSC stating the criteria for electing the Parish Managing Committee members,which I hope was implemented by LL Geevarghese Mar Ivanios Metropolitan in Kottayam Diocese atleast for electing Diocesan Council…….). 
Though this cannot be done on a war footing method or at one go, just like Modis Demonetisation, it it can be implemented in a step by step mode after deliberate discussions in the Legal cell,Rule committee,Malankara Managing Committee and finally the approval of Synod.
Fr.Varghese Yohannan Vattaparampil