Holy Transfiguration Retreat Center to celebrate Patronal Feast

By the Grace of God, Holy Transfiguration Retreat Center will celebrate its Patronal Feast on Thursday, August 6th.  Our Diocesan Metropolitan, His Grace Zachariah Mar Nicholovos, will be the chief celebrant on this joyous Feast.
Due to the ongoing health concerns and dangers of the Coronavirus Pandemic, attendance at the Retreat Center’s Patronal Feast will NOT be open to the general public.  Divine Liturgy for the Feast will be streamed online, so our clergy and faithful join prayerfully on the Retreat Center’s Facebook page: Holy Transfiguration Retreat Center.
Morning Prayer will begin at 8AM, followed by Holy Qurbana.  Please learn more about this beautiful Feast by watching the third episode of The Ladder.

As we continue observing this Holy Shoonoyo Fast, His Grace requests our clergy and faithful to remember the Church, Diocese, and the ministry of Holy Transfiguration Retreat Center in our fasting and prayers.

Our Diocesan Secretary, Reverend Father Dr. Varghese M. Daniel requests the prayerful participation of all our faithful: “Since the purchase of our Diocesan Retreat Center, more than 1,000 of our faithful have come to this sacred place for prayer, reflection, and transformation, especially our youth.  There is no dollar amount we can place on how huge of an impact this ministry is making on our youth.  We invite our faithful to participate in the Perunal Celebration of our center.  Many great things are happening, and momentum is building up to which we hope our faithful can be part of.”

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– http://neamericandiocese.org/news.1087/holy-transfiguration-retreat-center-to-celebrate-patronal-feast.aspx