Orthodox Church backs off from Cabinet panel initiative

Wants Patriarch faction to adhere to Supreme Court order

The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church has decided not to attend the meeting convened by the Cabinet subcommittee of the State government to resolve its disputes with the Patriarch faction.

In an statement on Monday, Yuhanon Mar Diascoros, synod secretary, said that the stance of the Orthodox faction had already been conveyed to the head of the subcommittee and others concerned .

Patriarch faction’s stand

Though the Orthodox Church had attended several rounds of consensus meetings with the Patriarch faction earlier, there was no breakthrough, primarily owing to the obstinate and confrontational stance by the latter, he said.

Holding that peace would be restored only by implementing the Supreme Court’s order of July 3, 2017, he said that the Patriarch faction was yet to declare its commitment to a peaceful solution by adhering to the court order.

Not significant

Against this backdrop, the Orthodox Church did not deem it significant to review its present position, he said.