The Eastern Orthodoxy has its own distinctive approaches to the faith; learning and understanding this Orthodox distinctiveness can be spiritually encouraging and enriching. The distinctive worldview of Eastern Orthodoxy has greater relevance today since this tradition remains much more faithful to the apostolic faith than the Western traditions. That worldview was evolved from the living experience of our Holy Fathers who were outstanding theologians and philosophers of their time. For them, Orthodoxy is a way of living, a way of experiencing Christ rather than mere teaching and preaching of speculative philosophical ideas or of theological concepts. Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios who was an authority in Eastern Orthodoxy called for a new way of thinking, living, and recovering the lost traditions of our Apostolic Fathers and win back the humanity to turn to God as a sacramental community worshipping God and serving the humanity. The Orthodox faith is capable of stimulating a renewed appreciation of the depth and riches of the values of the Christianity of initial era, greatly relying on the scriptures, doctrines and the worshiping community of a living God. Therefore, the Orthodox distinctiveness has acquired much importance in today’s secular culture in India as well as abroad.

DIVINIZATION – EXPERIENCING GOD is to be released on a public function at Bengaluru on 1st February 2019, At 7 PM by HG ABRAHAM MAR SERAPHIM METROPOLITAN.