Family and Youth Conference of the NE American Diocese

The Family and Youth Conference of the NE American Diocese started on Wednesday July 12 2017. The Kerala style procession with the traditional sringarimelam, colorful muthukudas and a human chain of more than a thousand people lined up according to their regions, heralded in the Family Conference this year. In the innaugural session that followed the evening prayer,

the Conference Co-ordinator Rev. Fr. Varghese Daniel welcomed the gathering and introduced the speakers. The theme “Encourage and build each other up” based on 1 Thessalonians 5:11 was introduced by the leaders of the Conference Fr. MO John and Dr. Donna Rizk who gave a synopsis of what to expect in the next 2 days.

The grand finale for the night was the Kathaprsangam presented by Rev. Fr. V M Shibu and his team on the story of Absaalom.

The Diocesan Metropolitan put the conference into perspective by citing the example of the crabs. “We do not put a lid when we keep crabs in a container. They dont need a lid because the moment one tries to come up, the other one pulls it down” Let us not be like

the crabs, said Thirumeni — instead by the time we leave on Saturday – let us learn to encourage and build each other up more than before.

Here is the updated information about the conference with the Chronincle that is published every day at the conference site: