Fixing the Term of office for all in MOSC / Fr.Varghese Yohannan Vattaparampil

Malankara Sabha Bhasuran St.Geevarghese Mar Dionysius (Vattasseril Thirumeni) promulgated the constitution of the MOSC with an intention of the smooth functioning of the Church giving due respect to the concerned authorities internally and externally and the Canon.During that period it was accepted by the faithful wholeheartedly,but as time went on various clauses/Sections/Articles/Paras were amended looking into the various aspects,for eg.the female members were permitted to attend in Parish GB has been given the right to vote and even get elected to any positions in the parish managing committee. Further it is being planned to include female members in Diocesan Assembly and Malankara Association,for which it may take some more time,that is what is being heard of from some corners.
Though there is a clear mention of the tenure of Parish Managing Committee,Diocesan Assembly,Diocesan Council,Malankara Association Managing Committee etc in the MOSC Constitution,it is found that many individuals including the office bearers tends to continue or hang in for a longer period beyond the specified tenure/terms by getting re-elected,because of which the genuine/capable/talented ones are deprived of the positions.The verdict in recent Malankara Association and that too in the Diocesan level election of Malankara Managing Committee members has proved that there needs an overall change everywhere,but some have got in through back doors,because of money power,muscle power and higher influence with higher authorities on/through various levels,by way of being nominated.Also it is highly appreciable that the newly elected Lay Trustee has assured that he will pave way others once his tenure of five years is completed.Likewise others who are elected in any other positions should also think of the same and do the needful on time.
It is also high time for the high command in consultation with the rules/legal committee and other constitutional bodies and  procedures as per protocol, to think about the situations and make necessary amendments in the Constitution as it is the need of the hour today.The tenure and number of terms in an office from grassroot level should be fixed either as ONE MAN ONE POST ONE TIME ONLY or fix the maximum term in the respective positions and offices.Simultaneously the proposals of any study committee appointed from time to time should be taken in good letter and spirit and also be implemented through proper channel and protocol.
Again I say that if the above proposal/suggestions if found to be feasible and taken into due consideration,atleast there can be some transparency to a maximum extend,by which there won’t be any hue and cry in the society/community, as also there will be full co-operation and support in all actions and deals.
Fr.Varghese Yohannan Vattaparampil