Malankara Association and Elections / Fr. Varghese Yohannan Vattaparampil


The date and Venue for the 2017 Malankara Syrian Christian Association is declared and preparations are going on.The main Agenda is the Election of Managing Committee,Priest Trustee and Lay Trustee.The Association Secretary is elected in the first meeting of the newly constituted Managing Committee.
I would like to put forth a proposal with regard to the election of the Priest Trustee,Lay Trustee and Association Secretary as follows:-
The Dioceses of the MOSC should be divided into Zones/Regions namely South,Central and North as we have 30 Dioceses in MOSC of which Dioceses outside Kerala can be exempted, as the Trustees and Secretary need to be in Kerala for all important meetings…………
Zone I :South: Trivandrum,Kollam,Kattarakara-Punalur,Adoor-Kadampanad,Thumpamon,Nilackal.
Zone II:Central: Mavelikara,Chengannur,Niranam,Kottayam,Kottayam Central,Idukki,
Zone III:North: Kandanad East,Kandanad West,Kochi,Angamali,Trissur,Kunnamkulam,Malabar,Sulthan Battery
The Trustees and Secretary should be elected on Zonal basis rotationally,so that each Zone will get representations. eg. If the Priest Trustee is from South Zone,The Lay Trustee should be from Central Zone and Association Secretary should be from North Zone which should be rotated in the future elections and so on.Similarly each Diocese should be represented as said above in a rotational manner in future elections.If this proposal is taken in good sense/positive way/good intention then there won’t be any problem in term limits as it clearly indicates of one term of 5 years only.
Hope this proposals to be a feasible one  for a smooth election of representatives.


Fr.Varghese Yohannan Vattaparampil