Help this Church




Dear friends,
Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hope that
all are fine.  I, Fr. Anu Mathew, the vicar of St. Gregorios Orthodox
Church and St. Dionysius Orthodox Congregation Kadamthala, writing
this letter from Middle  Andamans, one of the union territory of our
nation. Friends, here we have lot of members under the spiritual
guidance of Madras Diocese.St. Dionysius congregation is situated in
between two deep forests. Now here we have eight families, they had a
chapel there. When the last earth quake they lost their chapel.  Here
we need a very strong building for the church, because of the climate
and the frequent earth quake. Two years before we started
constructions for a new church building. But now we forced to stop the
work due to the insufficient fund. the chapel members are financially
weak. they can’t afford the proposed building expense. Here the
material cost is too higher than other states. We need around eight
lakh rupees for the completion of the work.  I plead in Christ for a
kind help from your side. It will be a great help for us. I attached
few photos of the old church and the constructing building.   I am
expecting a positive replay from your heart.

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Your brother in Christ

Fr. Anu Mathew