Brahmavar Orthodox Konkani Community, UAE – Annual Get together

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The Brahmavar Orthodox Konkani Community UAE, belonging to Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, under Brahmavar Diocese,  held its annual get  together and Christmas celebrations in Dubai recently. President John Al Meida presided over the public meeting. Babu Kurian Puliyeril inaugurated the function. Thomas Varis, Stanley and others felicitated. The meeting paid tributes and respects to the newly declared regional Saints, L.L. H.G. Mar Alwares Metropolitan and Rev Fr. Norohna of blessed memory. The occasion was eventful with the impressive performances  by members belonging to various age groups in rendering melodious songs, amusing skits and dazzling presentations.
In the concluding session, Christmas message was delivered by Rev Fr. M.C. Mathai Maracheril (Vicar, St George Orthodox Cathedral, Abu Dhabi). Rev Dn. Nithin Mathew Maracheril, offered felicitation address. The community has in its fold around 200+ members in UAE.