Annual Retreat of St. Thomas Seminary

Retreat at Nagpur Seminary…!

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Every long journey needs a preparation. On the beginning of the new academic year 2015-16, St. Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary, Nagpur was led through a blissful experience of retreat by Rev. Fr. Biju P. Thomas, Vicar of Mar Gregorios Orthodox Church, Janakpuri, New Delhi. The presence of H.G. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Yulios, the Metropolitan of the diocese of Ahamedabad and the visiting faculty of STOTS was much of a blessing. On 7th evening after the evening prayer we had the first session explaining about what retreat is and why it is required. In this session, he said that we are in a cocoon of meditation and one should fly out like a beautiful butterfly spreading the colour of the Gospel of Christ. As the Psalmist in chapter 63 says, as the deer panteth for water so is meditation a thirst for union with God. He took three sessions on 8th of July wherein he stressed on the importance of meditation and silence in our busy scheduled life. Based on Prov 6:6, he explained the need of learning hard work, discipline, sharing etc from tiny ants. Quoting Ki

ng David from Ps 34, he reminded the students to praise the Lord even in sufferings. He also exhorted to meditate on the transience of life and also the last things. As a whole the retreat was a call to overcome the existential emptiness with our Lord and God. These sessions were followed by a preparatory session for confession by Rev. Fr. Joshi P. Jacob. Thereafter the whole community experienced the spiritual cleansing through the sacrament of Holy Confession led by the faculty members. The two days retreat was completed by the celebration of Holy Qurbana on 9th of July by Rev. Fr. Biju P. Thomas.