“St. Basil the great and the globalized INDIA”: Book by by Fr. Dr. Bijesh Philip


“St. Basil the great and the globalized INDIA”; ANOTHE Renlightening theological work by by Rev. Fr. Dr. Bijesh Philip

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Progress in communication and transportation and migrations are contributing to the global ecumenical consciousness. If Globalization is just about this realization of the unity of the world, it is something to be glorified. But the market economy availing the progress in technology is spreading globally a culture of materialism, consumerism and greed. This economic globalization is alienating many from ancient spiritual wisdom and making them slaves of a luxurious life and exponents of self-gratification. The poor are ignored, non-human creation is exploited overwhelmingly and life on this planet is made horrible. Re-reading ancient Christian wisdom seems to be a powerful instrument to address this issue in a meaningful way. It is on this context, another great book from Rev. Fr. Dr. Bijesh Philip, the Principal of St. Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary, Nagpur got published by ISPCK. This book is a re-reading of the fourth century Cappadocian father St. Basil the Great, especially in the context of globalized India. this may also serve as an eye-opener to make use of authentic Christian wisdom to realize the need and relevance of being faithful to the Gospel for the joy of freedom, fulfillment and social justice by overcoming the enslaving, worldwide consumerist culture of today.