Marth Mariam Vanitha Samajam Virtual Retreat 2020 Registration closed

Approximately 1000 people throughout the Northeast American Diocese have registered for its Marth Mariam Vanitha Samajam Virtual Retreat on Saturday, June 20, 2020. The main speaker, Reverend Father V. M. Shibu will present on the theme, Faith Moves Mountains, based on Saint Matthew 17:20

Due to the large surge in registrants, registration had to be closed. His Grace shared “despite the pandemic, it is amazing to see how faithful in our Diocese have used this as an opportunity to strengthen their faith.The hard work of Father Eby Paulose, Office-bearers, and the executive committee members of MMVS is commendable.”

Since the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak, parishes and ministries of the Diocese, such as MGOCSM and GROW, have created unique ways to ensure the faithful remain connected to the Orthodox faith. In a Circular Kalpana to the clergy and faithful of the Diocese, His Grace commended the clergy, and all the ministry leaders of our Diocese who have been working to ensure the spiritual lives of our faithful are strengthened during this pandemic.

For more details on this upcoming Virtual Retreat, please click here.