Govt should implement court orders: Church

Church sends resolution to Union government

The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church has said that the State government has “the inalienable responsibility to implement the orders issued by the honourable courts of justice in India.” The Church protested against the government’s “attitude to deny the rightful justice to it by not implementing the verdicts by various courts, including the Supreme Court.”

In a resolution passed by the Church and sent to the Union government, the Church said it wanted to convey its protest “against the negative approach of the government by not executing the verdicts pronounced by the Supreme Court of India upholding the independence, equality and self governance of the Malankara Orthodox Church” in parishes such as Kattachira, Piravom and Kothamangalam in recent times.

The government’s “inaction to resist the atrocities and collective threatening disregarding the court rulings as per the Constitution is really contemptible,” said the resolution. “In these circumstances, we demand the Central-State governments to take immediate steps to implement the verdicts of the courts of justice by upholding their Constitutional obligations.”

The resolution was moved in the background of recent incidents in which the Church members and priests were prevented from entering the disputed churches despite court orders. There was tension at the Marthoma Cheria Pally at Kothamangalam late last week as Orthodox Ramban Thomas Paul tried to enter the church.