Father Gregorios’s Guru


September 19, 1994 – Baba Siri Chand and Father Gregorios

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We are in the midst of celebrating our biggest mela: Baba Siri Chand’s birthday. He is Maharaj’s revered teacher, the elder son of Guru Nanak, the First Sikh Guru. When I greet Hardit Singh, the old and hunched dishwasher, with birthday congratulations, he says, ‘What a great personality Baba Siri Chand is! Just imagine: Guru Arjun Dev (the Fifth Sikh Guru) wanted his darshan so he went to Babaji, but he was in samadhi. He remained in samadhi for 5 months and 13 days, and then finally opened his eyes and Guru Arjun Dev took his blessing. Just imagine—almost half a year in samadhi! There is no one like him—except our Maharaj. They are one and the same.”


Like Baba Siri Chand, our Maharaj ji is highly respected by people of all religions. At his invitation, many spiritual leaders have come to honour Baba Siri Chand’s birthday. Yesterday one of our most special guests made a surprise appearance. Thin and weakened by a serious stroke, Father Paulos Mar Gregorios, Past President of the World Council of Churches (the world’s largest Christian organization), bravely made his way up to the stage and was warmly embraced with great love by Maharaj. At the end of the function, he went to Maharaj and took Maharaj’s hand and placed it firmly on his bowed head. He stayed in that position for several minutes, soaking up as much of the blessing as possible.

December 30, 1994 – Father Gregorios’s Guru

Father Paulos Mar Gregorios is one of the pre-eminent Christian leaders in the world. He is Past-President of the World Council of Churches and Metropolitan of the Syrian Orthodox Church. He is also a brilliant scholar of all religions. And he considers Baba Virsa Singh his Guru. Often he comes to Maharaj Ji for spiritual guidance. Father Gregorios is so impressed that a Sikh teacher loves Jesus that he has asked Maharaj Ji to attend a meeting of the Orthodox Christian leaders of India so that he can introduce Maharaj Ji to them. To our great amazement, Maharaj has agreed, out of his profound love for Father Gregorios. We are amazed because Maharaj rarely speaks at outside meetings. But he does not want to hurt his friend, and thus he has agreed.

As the time for the function nears, Maharaj Ji tells us to go ahead and wait for him there. He is drinking his tea and will come soon afterward. Dutifully we travel to the venue in Delhi and wait for him in the parking lot. The time for commencement of the programme comes, and the Orthodox leaders are gathered in the auditorium, but Maharaj Ji is still not present. Father Gregorios decides to start without him by telling the bishops about him. According to our Giani Gurdev Singh, who is sitting in the audience, Father Gregorios says, “He is not the Guru of Sikhs only. He is my Guru. He is a spiritual saint. He will sit among us. In a few minutes, he will be reaching here and he will give you a truly spiritual lecture. We ourselves are not spiritual.”

Time passes. Maharaj Ji does not arrive. Father Gregorios periodically makes worried visits to the parking lot, asking us how soon Maharaj Ji will arrive. We ourselves do not know. At last there is some telephone conversation in which Maharaj Ji tells Giani Ji to speak on his behalf. Maharaj himself does not come. Father Gregorios is terribly dismayed, for it is always his desire to display his Guru Maharaj to the world.

Afterward we learn from Maharaj Ji that he received hukam at the last minute not to attend the function. He did not want to disappoint his dear friend, but he can never disobey the hukam. He was directed that it is not time for scattering the Light; it is time for concentrating it in one place. According to this hukam, Maharaj Ji should stay in Gobind Sadan, and then when people visit here, they will be transformed, if God so chooses. Maharaj says, “I have firm faith that when He chooses, people will change in a second.”


January 6, 1995 – Visiting Father Gregorios


Last night Maharaj said that he wanted to pay Father Gregorios a visit of love today, so it was arranged. Maharaj said he had a very strong inner feeling to do so for the past few days. This is highly unusual, for Maharaj has not left Gobind Sadan since August, not even to attend the special programme Father Gregorios had arranged on December 30 to introduce him to Orthodox leaders.

When we reach the Delhi Orthodox Centre, Father Gregorios welcomes Maharaj Ji into his book-lined study with great love. He says, “I feel very honoured. I was upset that you didn’t come since I wanted people in the Christian Church to see that God exists outside the Church.”

Maharaj says simply, “The time will come.”

            Father Gregorios concurs, “Everything is in His hands.”

Maharaj continues, “The strongest thing is love. It shapes the world.”

            Father Gregorios agrees, “Love is God, and where there is love, God is present.”

Maharaj says, “I want to tell you one thing with love: I do not know why I am not coming out and meeting people. Only God knows.”

            Father Gregorios says, “You must do as God tells you.”

Maharaj says, “Consider Gobind Sadan your home, the home of Jesus. You are most welcome to hold any meetings, any functions at Gobind Sadan. We want to construct something at that place where Jesus appeared.  Where can we have a statue made?”

            Father Gregorios immediately offers to help: “Not in north India. We could buy them in Kerala. I will write to Kerala now and ask them to find somebody. I would like to help in that.”

Maharaj says, “If we tell people and have programmes, a lot of people will gather there. I remember what Christ told me at that time [when he saw Jesus in vision, standing behind the dairy]. Jesus was so clear at that time, right in front of my eyes. When He first spoke, the sound seemed to echo throughout the whole universe. His first word was ‘Blessssss’—a very long sound. Then he said that a lot of miracles will happen there.”

            Father Gregorios enthusiastically says, “The world should know about it, and I will do everything possible to make it known.”

Maharaj continues, “From childhood, I havbelieved in following the hukam. I have had that love and that fear. But I couldn’t sleep for two days after refusing you. We get annoyed only with those whom we love a lot.”

            Father Gregorios apologizes, “I spoke in annoyment with Mary that day, but inside there was love for Maharaj.”

Maharaj lovingly assures him, “I have never felt that you are separate from me.”

            Father Gregorios says, “I feel the same way. You can ask me to do anything and I will do it.”

Maharaj says, “People’s quarrels will never end until they recognize that Jesus was not just for Christians.”

            Father Gregorios agrees, “That is what I tell my people.”

Maharaj tells him, “Once I had a vision of distributing Prasad. I gave Prasad to two people but not to the third. Immediately Jesus said, ‘This man doesn’t like you, but give him Prasad first.’ From that time, I have felt that you should first love the person who opposes you. It’s good that I’m not well-educated. Whatever He tells me, I tell you people.”

            Father Gregorios says, “If a person is too learned, he cannot believe in God. I have read a lot, but God has given me a certain simplicity.”

Maharaj assures him, “You are full of love. That is a different thing. The issue is to follow.”

            Father Gregorios says, “In my church I respect some old women who are not learned but who are very close to God.”

Maharaj says, “The message of God has spread only through the love of such people. When big meetings were held, love was less. What were the meetings of Jesus? As he walked along, he healed the animals, the trees. You cannot confine Jesus in one sect. His is not this earthly light—it is the Light in all Creation.

            If we see truly, this is not the fault of the public. If Jesus sits in judgement, he will forgive them all. But He will be annoyed with the priests. He will ask them, ‘What have you done with My message?’ Our soul must first meet Jesus inside in order to understand Him.

            Whatever has come from the prophet’s mouth is God’s message. What comes from our mind is not from God. That causes conflicts.

            I have full faith that the whole world will change, when He wants. No tree, no sea is outside of His Order. The day that He passes the Order, everything will change.

            Now He is watching what the priests are doing.”

            Father Gregorios says, “He needs a lot of patience to allow us to go on. We are making so many mistakes.”

Maharaj tells him, “Imagine how much patience the Lord has. It has been so long. Once when Jesus was eating, the priests said, ‘You haven’t washed your hands.’ He said, ‘My hands are clean. You kill the prophets, build buildings in their honour, and live off the offerings. I’m not going to do what you do. My mind and heart are clean.’

            Jesus was never angry, except in the Temple of Jerusalem,when he saw what the priests were doing. We must understand what He said: ‘Thieves are in my Father’s House.’ Jesus said you can never use love. They were trading love.

            God chooses whom He will, but people see only the priests, and they are supposed to see God through them.

            We must speak strongly on some big platforms. If priests retreat, the conflicts will end and the people can really worship God. There is no high or low, rich or poor. Everything is standing on love. He forgives people’s sins. Why could priests say they forgive sins? They never tolerated them.

            Just see through Jesus how forgiving God is. If His son is so forgiving, imagine His Father.

            That is why I love you so much—because you are away from what the others are doing. I don’t like all the seminars, the talks from books. Jesus is in our hearts. Why can’t we speak from our heart? Otherwise, He is not speaking—we are speaking. When He speaks, the whole world will change.

            He will soon speak. There is so much power in His voice that the whole world will unite—except those who are giving wrong messages. We must question people why they are saying what Jesus never spoke.

            The time is coming. People are very miserable. God will not tolerate it. The priests have spread so much unhappiness, and now the politicians are also doing so. Seeing this situation, He must come with His Love. Jesus said, ‘There is so much peace in His Kingdom.’

            I think you also feel the same. I am waiting for that day.

            Father Gregorios says, “He will come in His own time. We can’t push Him.”

Maharaj concurs, “No doubt. But waiting may be very difficult.”

            Father Gregorios says, “I leave everything in His hands. I cannot save the world.”

Maharaj staunchly affirms, “He will definitely save it. I have full faith that He is the Saviour. There is no one else who can save the world. He is watching and listening to us—and laughing.”

            It being time for Father Gregorios to attend some meetings, he says, “I am blessed by Maharaj’s coming for the third time to my humble home. I am blessed. Whenever you feel like coming, we will welcome you with open arms.”

Maharaj tells him, “I don’t go anywhere. Your love is so powerful that it brought me here.” 


January 12a, 1995 – His vision of Jesus


True to his word, Father Gregorios has sent two artists to help make a statue of Jesus corresponding to Maharaj’s vision. Maharaj describes the whole scene:

            Jesus was standing behind the dairy in a flowing open robe with long open sleeves. His hair reached to his shoulders, and he had a small natural untrimmed beard. He was a thin, tall figure, more than six feet tall—perhaps six and a half feet—with thin wrists and a thin nose. His voice was very strong, echoing throughout the cosmos. But despite its power, it was also very calm. After he spoke, you could still hear the echoes. He was speaking in several languages. He was standing in a dung-filled place behind the dairy—there was no cleanliness there.

            The importance of this place is that Jesus Himself stood there and spoke there. An ocean of healings will happen there at Jesus’ Place. Crores of people will come. I am averse to fame—but if they go there for healing, it has nothing to do with me.

One of the artists asks, “May we inscribe simple verses on healing or love from the different religions on those dairy stone pillars?”

Maharaj agrees, and then speaks about religious organizations:

 I don’t go to these big functions. Dharma is not a matter of books, speeches, or seminars. Wherever Jesus went, he healed the trees, the animals, the earth under his feet. I feel that Jesus is not Christian. He is Light, in which there are no boundaries. Father Gregorios, in his love, always wants to take me to these meetings. Jesus is love, compassion, service. It’s your choice to identify with any religion, but Jesus gives Light to all Creation. We can say that if our faith is great. People think that Jesus has gone, but He is here, speaking with me.  

27 February 1995 – His healing presence


            I have brought Maharaj news from Father Gregorios that not only were all the doctors who came to our recent healing conference extremely impressed with Maharaj, but also one of them said to Father Gregorios, “I arrived there with a terrible headache, but after listening to Babaji, I found that my headache was totally gone.”

Maharaj speaks very softly to some of us about how the trees (he mentions Ber Sahib in Sarawan), the stones, the very air become charged with healing near the dervish. He says he has noticed that this has special effect on people who come from abroad and are here for the first time. I point out that every time I leave for America, I become sick over there, and every time I return here I become healthy again. Maharaj looks at me so sweetly and says, “A child lives on its mother’s milk. When the mother is not there, the child keeps thinking, ‘It’s time for milk, it’s time for milk,’ but there is none.”


            When I told these things to Bibi Jaswant Kaur, our great ragi, she said it is the same for her. “Whenever I leave to see my daughters, I come back as quickly as possible. I never stay more than one or two days. They ask me to stay three or four days more, but I tell them, ‘I have my duties to do there.’ Actually, what happens is that when I go to those comfortable places and sleep in those big beds, when I get up in the morning I have such a backache I can hardly move. I can’t wait to get back to Gobind Sadan. “

One of the women from Sikhanwala in Punjab told me that when any of the brothers go out and drink liquor or eat meat and then come back home, she gets a terrible backache. It also happens when someone else comes with them who had been drinking or eating meat. She asked Maharaj, “Why when other people make mistakes, why do I have to suffer?” He answered, “This is a sign of blessings, that you recognize that these things are wrong.”

When I go to the United States, many things happen: allergies, skin problems, heart murmur, hand shaking, digestive problems, breast lumps, pinched nerves, bursitis, etc. I have to drink bottled water there. I used to think it was a matter of jet lag, but if that were so, I would also suffer on coming back to India. Instead, these problems all vanish when I return here and I become stronger and healthier the longer I stay near Maharaj.

The last time I went—to greet my grandson Caleb, the new incarnation of Maharaj’s close sevadar Hervinder Singh—Maharaj had initially said, “Why are you worrying? There are plenty of people over there to take good care of the baby, and you know you get sick whenever you go there.” I didn’t want to take this guidance, so later I took his permission to go a few days after the baby was born. What happened? Not only did my daughter’s family not need me—they hardly even wanted me there for I was dreadfully sick with allergic sneezing, and they were afraid I might have the pneumonic plague which had just broken out in India. They even checked with their doctor to see if I could come near the baby. I spent my time outside miserably allergic, in a tent, and hardly held the baby at all. Not only could I not help—I was a burden on them. Maharaj knew.

30 March, 1995 – Healing Father Gregorios


            When I called Father Gregorios on the phone today, he said that he was so very weak and exhausted these days that he could not even get out of bed. He asked for Maharaj to pray for him.

            Later today, we were given the message that Father Gregorios was sending a bishop to see Maharaj. To our great surprise, it turned out that the bishop was Father Gregorios himself. Reaching Gobind Sadan, he struggled to get out of his car and into his wheelchair. 

            Maharaj was sitting in the lawn but kept offering to go into the house if that would suit Father better. He spoke to him of how happy God is when a person keeps loving Him even in the face of great difficulties.

            Then Father Gregorios wheeled himself in his wheelchair over to Jesus’ Place, with Shami pushing. He told Maharaj that he wanted to sit there praying for about ten minutes. After Father Gregorios had sat there in intense silent prayer for some time, Neelu (daughter of Geeta Singh) appeared with a glass of water sent by Maharaj, with instructions for me to place it in the rocks at the base of the cross and pray for Father Gregorios and then give him the water to drink. As I did, the power coming through from Maharaj/Jesus was so strong that my body was shaking.

            After Father was wheeled to the house, where Maharaj had tea with him, he said that for the past five days he had very strong inner guidance to go see Maharaj and pray at Jesus’ Place. What he experienced there, he said, was both great peace and great power. He wants to come back again and again and to tell the world about Maharaj and Jesus’ Place. Maharaj says he will become healthier and healthier.

            I requested Maharaj to bless a copy of Loving God for Father. To do so, Maharaj got up and stepped to Father’s side. With his left hand he blessed the book, which Father was receiving with two hands, and with his right hand on Father’s bowed head he blessed him for a long time. Father then said he felt much better already—and indeed, there was a rosy glow in his face as he left that certainly had not been there before.

            After this incredibly touching encounter, Maharaj spoke to us about Jesus and Mary, who was so blessed by God to be a vehicle for the Light. He said, “The prophet’s light is always passed on to someone,” such as Peter and Guru Gobind Singh’s Five Beloveds.

May 19, 1995: Letter to his beloved friend, Father Gregorios


            Maharaj ji called us to dictate a letter to Father Gregorios, whose health is failing and who has gone abroad for medical treatment. Maharaj dictated:

My beloved friend,

            I learned by phone that you have gone abroad. We have prayed that your physical difficulty will be healed. Your words and your love are so necessary for the world. God will make you strong. Come to Gobind Sadan, and also meet people. They so need God’s Kingdom of which Jesus spoke.

 I send you my love and God’s healing.  When you read this letter, you will feel this love and this healing very strongly. The energy in the world is not good for health, but I have absolute faith in God that He will bless your health. You are such a person who has given his whole life to speaking of the love of God. Quickly become well, come back, call us, and meet us.

            There is a very hidden secret in this. Just as a worldly father is so concerned for his children, as Jesus once said, “Those people are blessed who love and praise my Father in both happy and difficult times.” What we speak of as worldly difficulties are also matters of blessing. By your faith, God will make you well. Special love and concern is being given by God to such as you.

            In your inner love, there is no need for letters. Love is an inner feeling of which we cannot speak. We cannot say what it is. I am sending my message of love and my inner feeling to you, that God may bless you. Just so, Jesus was a healer of people, of trees, animals, earth—of all places. With that love, you will be continually healed.

July 21, 1995 – To Russia with love


            I’ve just returned from a busy 10-day visit to Russia on Maharaj’s behalf. He had seen in vision since childhood that Russians would be the most faithful followers, even though Russia was at that time officially atheistic, and this prophecy is coming true.

Before I left, Maharaj spoke to me about carrying his mission:

Speak only about what you have seen and heard at Gobind Sadan, and nothing else, for this will have a great effect. For your whole life, only speak from your own experiences at Gobind Sadan. Even if everyone is against you, don’t be frightened. People will be wonderstruck with happiness—‘What is she saying?’—like when Jesus spoke. And the newsletters will break the forts [boundaries between religions and people].

After five months, these things will have more effect. The blessings from heaven and the voice from the earth will unite. There will be no chance of clouds’ coming before the sun.

People will be looking for you, for you have led them out of the waves to the Boatman. Many people will have dreams and visions of you, and those hidden people who are reciting Nam will have visions of Gobind Sadan. After two and a half years, there will be a great impression on the minds of the whole world. Then this circle will continue: Many people will have visions and will come here. A flood of people will come, and many people will do parchar (preaching about the mission). Many people from Russia will join you. Speak a lot—it will have quite an effect.

I am no speaker; I have no good memory from which to make a speech. As Maharaj said, I can only speak about my own experience. But what I have witnessed at Gobind Sadan is so powerful and so transformational that I happily speak about it to anyone who will listen.

In Russia there are many people ready to listen. The main followers come from the International Association for Peace through Culture, whose headquarters are in Moscow. Some of them first met Maharaj Ji in 1992 when Father Gregorios brought leaders of Peace through Culture to Gobind Sadan after their international interfaith meeting in Rishikesh, the Congress of Spiritual Concord, which Major Sahib and I also attended. Their president and spiritual leader is Professor Valentin Sidorov, a well-known figure in spiritual and literary circles in Moscow with strong interest in relationships between Indian and Russian spirituality. He often quotes the famous Russian painter, philosopher, theosophist, and archaeologist Nicholas Roerich, who said, “Russia will lead the world in spirituality, but India will show the way.” Although Professor Sidorov had many followers, he himself was in a longtime search for his own teacher in physical form, and determined that it was his life’s mission to find his teacher. Meeting Maharaj Ji had a tremendous impact on him. He wrote,

I knew that Babaji is one of the most revered spiritual teachers of India. I knew that only because of his moral authority the bloody conflict in Punjab was avoided. But at that time I did not know how heartfelt were his feelings for Russia and relations with Russia, which were expressed in Babaji’s words, “Russia is the most suitable country for God’s mission.” In our meeting after the Congress, I told him, “The country is in a very difficult situation and unusual measures are required to prevent it from disaster. I came for your help: First of all, spiritual help. And I ask you to bless New Russia.” Then there was a silence. We were sitting in his garden under a many-branched tree and the twinkling stars, and we lost the feeling of time. The Teacher was in a state of meditation. Even the wind for some moments stopped moving the leaves. Then from the silence, I heard words addressed to me: “I am 100 percent with you. Not 90, but 100.” And again silence. And again his voice: “I not only bless but also I will pray to God to help your mission.” And at last his exclamation, which pierced me like a fiery current: “Your teacher is blessing you, your beautiful teacher.” When I regained my ability to talk, I said, “I consider my mission fulfilled, because the meeting on the earth for which I longed for many years has taken place.”*

            While I was in Moscow, I met with members of Peace through Culture many times, including three meetings in their gathering space within a fine library next to the park of the Danilov Monastery, which is now headquarters of the Russian Orthodox Church. In one of these meetings they arranged my videotaped interview about Gobind Sadan for a spiritually-oriented Siberian television programme. Peace through Culture had adopted Maharaj’s message as their credo, and they eagerly awaited any message I brought from him. He had suggested that I speak about feminine spiritual power, which is highly respected in India, and also caution people not to present themselves as spiritual authorities. Instead, one should go deeper and deeper in meditation so that one will naturally bring light into the world. The group wants to bring Maharaj Ji to Russia and also to visit India and hold a joint conference with Gobind Sadan on “New Russia and Spiritual India.” They plan to send one of their members to stay at Gobind Sadan for several months to help coordinate our mutual work. Professor Sidorov told me to tell Maharaj Ji that they all send him their great love: “He is with us and we are with him.”

I also met with an assortment of people such as Stephan Pozenian, whose video team accompanied Maharaj in 1989 when he visited Moscow with Swaranjit Singh, Ludmila Kokhlova, a Punjabi Professor from Moscow State University who is translating Jaap Sahib into Russian for Gobind Sadan, space scientists with interest in spirituality, and members of the Unification Movement living in Moscow who are translating my textbook Living Religions into Russian. One afternoon, many dear Russian sisters and I sqeezed cozily together on the benches around a round table in the home of Ludmila Eliseeva, a spiritual painter who deeply loves Maharaj Ji. As we drank tea and ate home-made foods they had brought to share, we talked about Gobind Sadan and spiritual subjects that are close to all our hearts. They took me to special sacred places, of which my favourite was the sixteenth-century Kolomenskoye Church of the Ascension. An unseen choir was softly singing Orthodox hymns in beautiful polyphony, and those uplifting sounds wafted upward through the extraordinary spiral architecture. All the arts in Russia have deep spiritual wellsprings, and seventy years of official atheism could not quash those sentiments.

            Russia has been dear to my heart since my childhood, so I am very grateful that Maharaj’s mission is closely aligned with Russian spirituality. May our Russian sisters and brothers keep coming to Gobind Sadan and carrying Maharaj’s message throughout their homeland.

*[Valentin Sidorov, The Signs of Christ, Moscow: Art Literature, 2000, pp. 350-351]

December  8th 1995 – Conversation with his friend, Father Gregorios


Father Paulos Mar Gregorios, Syrian Orthodox Metropolitan and former head of the World Council of Churches, is Maharaj’s dear friend. Now he has a serious ailment which limits his activities and may threaten his life. He has come to Maharaj for intimate encouragement.

Maharaj says to him,

Some people take on other people’s sufferings by praying for them. Somebody touched Jesus’s garment. That healing passed to her immediately. He [felt that and] asked, “Who is touching my dress?” People who heal always have to take a little of others’ sufferings, as if carrying them on their shoulders.

            To understand this is dharma. In love there are no questions. You surrender to Him, and He does. All power comes from Jesus.

            Father Gregorios agrees: “We are only channels.”

Maharaj assures him,

You will be all right because you are doing work for the Great Worker. He knows what is happening to you. A child doesn’t know, but the father always takes care of him. Whatever He does is right. Whenever we think correctly, it is only because of Him.

            If the priests will move aside, God will come in as a flood.


            Father Gregorios says, “Jesus said they keep others out—they want their own world.”

Maharaj says emphatically,

What can they do without Him? They should move aside and let Him work. But they will only move aside when He chooses.

            Father Gregorios: “I am fully confident of that.”

Maharaj continues,

The more we interfere in His work, the more problems we create for ourselves. Let Him do, and enjoy. We are only His guests. He has given us everything free. If we even thank Him from all the pores in our body, even then we cannot thank enough.

            To understand that He is beyond us is the ultimate truth. But yet He is also within us. If He leaves, we are dead.

            This is His way of working—through people. He creates good people and tells them, “Go and work.”

            My feeling is that if people become clean, all Creation will be purified. Our poisonous thoughts pollute the atmosphere. That poison disturbs everything. We should think: Is the Messiah wrong or are we? He said to love and serve. We should decide whether He is right or we are right.

            Father Gregorios remarks, “Human thoughts and words are the pollutants but also the source of grace and love.”

Maharaj repeats,

We must make this decision: Is the prophet right are are we? Religious leaders are making a business of uniting people with God. But if people come to me, I don’t make them Sikhs. I ask them, “What is wrong with Jesus? If His way is right, why are you bothering me? I love Him—You should also love Him.”

            Father Gregorios observes, “We think we have to fight other people in order to raise our own prophet.”

Maharaj says,

We say that Jesus is great. He is, but not by our saying so.

            The time has come that dharma will spread. The bad people who are misusing the Name of God will be exposed. In those conferences about religion, there is no love—just “How can I become famous?” Never bow your head to such a person. Only praise your Father. He is already the most famous. The flowers and trees are praying to Him.

            God is watching and laughing at us: “What drama they are doing in My Name!”

            Government leaders always think of themselves, but the main problem has been created by the religious leaders. Always look at what dharma says; try to please God only, not the government or the people.

            Stay away from wanting to be famous. If we stay only with God, then God, the public, and we will be happy. If we bring ourselves in, none of us will be happy.

 Clean yourself; let His Light of Love enter you. His Light is coming 24 hours a day, but we have closed all the doors. Only a little of that Light passes through those doors. A person who makes forts will never be happy.

Everything is bowing to Him, but we are always interfering. He minds, but He doesn’t scold us because He is full of love. He watches us, laughing. Who has stopped that flow of love from Him? The priests.

Father Gregorios begins talking about an organization which has used his name for many years to promote their group. “Why should we keep any relation with them? The One we love has no connection with them. Are we to love those who are opposed to God?”

Maharaj says,

That’s a different matter. Once I had a dream in which there were three groups.  I distributed prasad only to those who loved me. But Jesus said to me, “Give prasad to all of them. Why favour one? They will all become good.”

People get discouraged with me, for I don’t go to their meetings. But what can I do? I don’t have any inner permission to go. You may consider this my fault—or maybe it’s God’s gift. Everywhere they were going to use my name—not for God, but for their personal reasons.

Father G: “People talk so much, but don’t believe what they say. It is just empty talk.”


People are ready to believe, but the person who is speaking is giving wrong guidance. You don’t even have to speak. Vibrations heal.

Father Gregorios says, “I’ve told many people that’s what Babaji does. Babaji is always praying for me. People ask why he hasn’t healed me.”

Maharaj Ji says,  “You are serving the One who created the universe. Why will He bypass you? “

Father Gregorios asserts, “All divine power comes through Babaji or someone else.”

            Maharaj looks at him fondly and says, “You love me so much that when I see you I’m so happy.”



 A Leader of Interfaith Movement / Dr. Mohinder Singh