Ministries of the Diocese Address Trauma

In recent days there has been heightened awareness about the trauma of sexual assault and how it affects not only victims but our greater church community.  It is a painful reminder of how sin is rampant in the world, and we are not exempt from the consequences of it.  In the midst of such reality, the Church remains to be a place of healing for both victims and perpetrators of such violence.

GROW Ministry and Talmeedo, are two ministries of our Diocese that caters to the spiritual needs of our young women and men respectively.  The Metropolitan of the Diocese, His Grace Zachariah Mar Nicholovos has called upon each of these ministries to address such issues that are coming to the forefront.  Information on these virtual discussions can be seen below.  All of the clergy and faithful in our Diocese are encouraged to participate in both of these discussions.

In a recent memo issued to the clergy of the Diocese, His Grace exhorted the following: “the Church is a place of healing, where our people can grow as better people.  We must ensure we are nurturing the men and women of our parishes to be strong witnessing Orthodox Christians, who love and respect one another.”