Talented artiste Deepthi says sketching Mar Seraphim’s portrait gave her ‘immense joy’

BENGALURU: Deepthi Jiji Mathew, the spiritual daughter of HG Dr Abraham Mar Seraphim, Bengaluru Diocese Metropolitan, Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Syrian Church, could not have asked for more to boost her spirits.
Young and talented Deepthi’s sketch of the young Metropolitan in black and white now shows up as a profile picture on his Facebook page since last week. https://www.facebook.com/abraham.marseraphim.1
A video shows Deepthi sketching Mar Seraphim’s picture while the Metropolitan gives voice over about Peter, the Jewish fisherman, who was called to be a disciple of Jesus at the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, whose work was much impressed by the Bishop.
The sketch shows Mar Seraphim holding the cross and the mike in the other, eliciting complimentary comments on Deepthi’s Facebook page.
An active member of St Stephen’s Church, Vijaynagar, Bengaluru, Deepthi is optimistic and looks forward towards a great future.
Deepthi is the daughter of Sudha Susan and Jiji Mathew, both active members of the Vijaynagar Orthodox Church in Bengaluru.
Earlier, she also had earlier sketched the family of Fr Abraham Thomas, Vicar of St Stephen’s Church, Vijaynagar, where she is an active member in all its spiritual organisations.
Says Deepthi: “I always wanted to do something interesting and took it up as a challenge to draw portraits of celebrities. It was later I suddenly realised the thought of drawing our Thirumeni’s portrait as I admire him a lot. Drawing his sketch gave me happiness and seeing his picture is a sheer joy to behold.”
Admitting that she is not a professional artiste, Deepthi is now the heartthrob of many as her friends and relatives who now encourage and appreciate her works.

Deepthi considers her parents as her biggest role model than anyone else in this world.
“Their hard work and suffering are my lessons. I learn a lot from them and always want to keep them happy and help them in all possible ways,” she concludes.
Here’s wishing Deepthi all the best in her artistic endeavours. ~ LC