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Urshlem Men’s Summer Camp will be held from July 10-17 and the Urshlem Women’s Summer Camp will be held from July 17-20 at the Diocesan Center. The camp experience immerse the  youth in the Orthodox way of life through prayer, community living and fellowship, study of the Scriptures, several workshops related to college orientation, career development, maintaining friendships, upholding family life, confronting daily challenges in the modern world, and the use of technology

High school students from all areas of the Diocese who are entering 11th and 12th grade as well as college students pursuing their undergraduate degree to attend this camp. The mission in offering these camp experiences are to provide our youth with a living experience of Orthodoxy that empowers them to stand firm in their identity in Christ across all areas of their life. This camp will offer a unique acquaintance that many youth have never practiced before and potential to make a significant and lifelong impact on their spiritual lives. A comprehensive study program and schedule is being prepared for both the camps. The main leaders for these camps will include our own clergy and seminarians as well as qualified people from the local Orthodox churches.