Oriental Orthodox Common Liturgy in Atlanta




Oriental Orthodox Churches of Atlanta (OOCA) celebrated its fourth annual common Divine Liturgy in Atlanta St. Mary’s Orthodox Church on October 3rd Saturday.  Fr. Eleah ( Coptic Orthodox Church)  Fr. Epherem, Fr. Sabbath, Fr. Manchilot, ( Ethiopian Orthodox Church), Fr. Michael, Fr. Asmoro ( Eritrian Orthodox Church) Fr. George Daniel, Fr. Dr. Mathew Koshy ( Malankara Orthodox Church) were the celebrants of this Divine Liturgy. Deacons  from different churches and a large number of faithful were attending in this event. Fr. Dr. Mathew Koshy ( President of OOCA) welcomed all the faithful to the public meeting after finishing the Holy Eucharist. All the participant chuches presented their cultural programs during this meeting and Fr. Eleah delivered a sermon about the significance of unity among churches. Dn.Sai ( Secretary of OOCA) explained the future plans and thanked everybody.  The ‘Love feast’ is served after finishing the meeting.