Women & Children of Nepal Need your Help – Can you hear them?

 Many of us have heard about Nepal for its natural beauty, tourism, medicinal importance, rich culture and Heritage. Nepal has attracted tourists from all over the globe progressively, Nepalese are well known for honesty and integrity, despite being blessed with beautiful nature and rich culture, Nepal is a poor country where Women & Children are the most affected victims of poverty and social imbalances.

Forty-two percent of the population in Nepal is under 18 years of age, Women & children are the most vulnerable (to social imbalances and Infant Mortality) in Nepal and obviously they are suffering the most out of the devastating earthquake that broke down their hopes and smiles to dust.

Women & Children of Nepal are crying out for help!  Not for luxury but just for the basic needs to survive. They need Shelter, health care, nutrition, sanitation, hygiene, safe water, protection, information education, and other services necessary to fulfill their rights to survival.

H.H Baselius Marthoma Paulose II, The Catholicos of Indian Orthodox Church was deeply moved by this deprived condition of the suffering people at our neighborhood and took an initiative as a responsible ancient apostolic Church of India to lend a helping hand to the suffering people of Nepal and have entrusted Icon Charities to support the Holy church in this noble cause.

We request all youngsters, Mothers and young ladies of our church to earnestly

·         Pray for the suffering people and social workers in Nepal

·         Feed them with a days’ meal

·         Inspire members of your family to help them generously.

Kindly see the YouTube link for ICON MOSC video: 



With English sub-titles:



You can access the Link to donate online or make your donations through your Parish and ensure your participation.



Please make use of the opportunity and volunteer yourself as a Good Samaritan to put smiles on their faces. Jai Jai Catholicos